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Hello! I'm Zan.

I’m a user experience designer in London, specialising in creating customer journeys and interaction design. I have a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction Design (distinction) and a bachelors in Psychology and Sociology.

What type of designer am I? I’m:


Observing, listening and asking questions allows me to understand others’ viewpoints. This helps me to create solutions that strike a balance between the interests of customers, the business and the development team. With an emphasis on accessibility, I aim to build products and services that work for everyone.


I have a wealth of experience in user research and the design process. I take an adaptive approach to problem solving. My favourite design process is the Double Diamond model. I sketch a lot to illustrate and communicate my ideas.


Efficient ways of thinking, working and collaborating ensures reliable delivery. The use of design systems, such as atomic design, helps to ensure a consistent aesthetic. I like to share checklists and meeting notes with my team to communicate progress.


Learning new skills and technologies excites me. I learn by reading on Medium, sharing at meetups and participating in design jams and hackathons. I recently gave a talk on creativity in design at UX Camp Brighton. I’m also a volunteer at Ladies that UX London.


Have fun! I enjoy my work and share my happiness! Positive environments are the bedrock of creativity and teamwork. Many great ideas are born when drinks are around ;)

See my projects to learn more about my design thinking and do not hesitate to get in touch!


Here’s a collection of my recent work:

Financial Data Catalogue

Financial Data Catalogue

The project delivers a filterable and searchable directory to help Refintiv’s customers discover its financial data services. I lead this project with a content-first and SEO-friendly design strategy.

Categories: Website, Fintech, ContractRoles: Information Architecture, System Design

Currently under NDA

Data Declaration

Data usage declaration service

This was one of the features I lead on in the award-winning web application MyRefintiv. This involved re-platforming and improving existing functionality of a legacy product.

Categories: Webapp, Fintech, ContractRoles: Interaction Design, Customer EvaluationView project
Thomson Reuters digital transformation

Thomson Reuters E-Commerce digital transformation

This project transformed the existing offline sales process to a digital purchase experience. The online sales exceeded expectations after launch.

Categories: Website, Legal, ContractRoles: Interaction Design, Information ArchitectureView project


Ark is a proof-of-concept project in Thomson Reuters. It helps startup founders to find personalised information to inform their business decisions. A chatbot and dashboard prototype was produced.

Categories: Recommender system, Business, InternshipRoles: Interaction Design, Information Architecture, EvaluationView project


Artframe enables tourists, fans and creators to curate a personalised route to discover street art around a city. A 3D prototype, smart glasses wireframe and a vending machine prototype to dispense the glasses was produced.

Shortlisted for the UX Sprints 2017 award

Categories: Smart glasses, Art, CourseworkRoles: Information Architecture, Brand Identity, Product DesignView project
Smart Community Garden

Smart Community Garden

To draw light on community gardens, we developed a management tool utilising existing smart city technology such as beacons, sensors and a mobile application. To design an innovative Internet of Things device, we adopted creativity problem solving techniques, namely double diamond design approach.

Shortlisted for the User Experience UK 2017 award

Categories: Internet of Things, Social Enterprise, CourseworkRoles: User Research, Service Design, UI DesignView project
London Independent Coffee Roastery

London Independent Coffee Roastery

There are more than 30 independent coffee roasteries scattered around London, but not a central place to find information about them. The vision of this project is to create a website that not only fills this niche, but provides a hub for coffee lovers. A sitemap and wireframe were produced to illustrate the vision.

Categories: Website, Food, CourseworkRoles: User Research, Information Architecture, EvaluationView project
Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK

The design brief was to evaluate the usability and user experience of Cancer Research UK's website. The project consisted of competitor analysis and moderated usability testing. A evaluation report with testing highlight videos and design recommendations was produced.

Categories: Website, Charity, CourseworkRoles: Competitor Analysis, EvaluationView project
Tesco Privacy Centre

Tesco Privacy Centre

This report entailed a formative accessibility audit of the Tesco Privacy Centre website against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA conformance level. An accessibility report and design recommendations to ensure the presentation can be programmatically determinable was produced.

Categories: Website, Retail, CourseworkRole: Accessibility EvaluationView project


This project set out to explore hidden factors when booking accommodation using Airbnb. An interactive data visualisation designed in Sketch and implemented using Processing was produced to show correlations between these factors and the distribution of listings across London.

Categories: Data Analysis, Social Issues, CourseworkRoles: User Research, Interaction Design, Data VisualisationView project
Old British Sweets

Old British Sweets

Old British Sweets is a monthly subscription service. It brings scrumptious sweets from local artisans around the UK to your door.

A fluent ecommerce service process was designed to minimise the friction customers might encounter. The project involved information architecture design and analytics evaluation.

Categories: Website, Ecommerce, FreelanceRoles: User Research, Information Architecture, Brand IdentityView project
WiFi and Coffee

WiFi and Coffee

Remote workers tend to work remotely from cafes. WiFi, plugs and food are therefore important needs for these users.

The project aimed at providing information to help remote workers find the best suited cafes to work from. An interactive application prototype was designed and evaluated with users in the field.

Categories: iOS application, Ecommerce, FreelanceRoles: User Research, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Information ArchitectureView project


Handmade accessory and homeware brand White Wood is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. My responsibilities included information architecture design and brand identity for the website.

The Chinese word 白木 (“white wood”) is structured with basic dots, lines and shapes to fit with minimalistic ideals. A sitemap and mock-up of the website was produced.

Categories: Website, Ecommerce, FreelanceRoles: Information Architecture, Brand IdentityView project


LEAF is abbreviation for London East-Asian Food guide. Bring along a chopstick and start exploring the delicious world of East-Asian food as recommended by locals! My responsibilities included information architecture design and brand identity for the website. Blue is associated with The Great Wave of Kanazawa from Japan.

Categories: Website, Ecommerce, FreelanceRoles: User Research, Brand IdentityView project
UI Design Challenge

UI Design Challenge

UI design challenge was a personal project that urged me to practice different kinds of interface design such as smart TV, car screen, mobile and website.

Categories: Concept, Design, Personal projectRoles: User Research, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Information ArchitectureView project


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